To the Parents:

Are you willing to protect your own child from engaging with social medias and want to substitute something more practical, efficient, and more beneficial for their own future?

Are you willing to invest on their future of success in education, study, work experience, more jobs?
Are you willing to reserve and manage their online time and engagement
Are you willing your child’s talents and success, be known around the world?
And most importantly:
Are you willing to live in a foreign country in the future?
If your answer is yes, then you should be known first. How is that possible?
Let’s start with an example:
You are a very successful and efficient person in your country. Everyone knows you. they believe in you. they easily pay and trust you. they negotiate with you. they easily introduce you for a new position or job, because they are familiar with your background and your experience. They know your root. ( this happens only in your mother town/country)
What happens if you wish to leave your country and start living in another country.
Does anybody know you?
Does anybody know that you were successful in your country? (They don’t even care)
Does anybody rely on you?
Nobody knows you, nobody is aware of your background and your experiences, nobody knows about your success and achievements in your country, and most importantly;
Having a website from childhood to adulthood, helps people to be easily known around the world. Be trusted, and be relied.
In your website, you can gather all your achievements from A to Z, regarding;
  • Eduction
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Music
  • talents
  • hobbies
  • competitions
  • games
  • recognitions
  • certificates
Start thinking about building a bright future for your children from today. Successful parents create a positive environment for their children to be socially involved with the successful people around the world.
In the very near future, every child, teen, and adult should have at least one website, because a successful person should have the strength of introducing her/himself in the most complicated, variable, and diverse world. they have to be connected with people. Connection is the most powerful and the most successful way to learn and share interests, creativity, idea expansion, collaboration on school projects (inside and outside of class), and learn about people with varied backgrounds and information, by creating blogs and websites.
We as their parents, must think about their future, and invest more time, energy, and money for their success. When we initiate to share and transmit the massive amount of information with other people around the world, we are a model for our children. it is valuable if we can educate our children to how to use the internet, social media, or accessing any kind of networks through building and creating their own websites and let them be engaged with their own websites by sharing their interests, creativities, passions, competitions, talents, educational success, recognitions, certificates, and many more..!
By creating and building website for our children, anywhere in the world, we can open a very new, creative, and beneficial door to the future of their own success, and escalate their chance of hiring key positions, and let any successful people to know our children’s achievements, talents, and invention.
Let the Iranian bright students to be known around the world, and let them to be find out by the great professionals, scientist, artists, and physicians in the globe.
Don’t forget:
children/teens + their own websites + professional relation


To the successful children, teens, and adults:

By collecting all your interests, talents, and improvements, you can track record of all your activities during your educational years.

What you can do with your website, to create an amazing portfolios of your interests and talents + experience + background!

What are you waiting for?