We offer a range of web design services for high school, and College students, all designed to help their data and their educational backups reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.


teenZweb designers, help create and maintain the product. Their duties include, but aren’t limited in writing and editing content, designing webpage layout, determining technical requirements, updating websites, creating back up files, and solving code problems. The main responsibility of a teenZweb designers is to ensure that the website that they are creating is appealing to the desired target students and, as a result, catches their attention.

teenZweb designers are knowledgeable in a range of graphics applications, test the websites and identify any technical problems, upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines.

They have creativity and imagination, are adaptable and able to pick up new techniques, and have good interpersonal and communication skills. Other soft skills that highlights teenZweb.com capability comparing the other web designers for younger generation include:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Communication

and finally;

  • Teamwork